How a 16th-century Farmer Invented Personal Finance

A foole and his monie be soone at debate.

The foole at the bottom, the wise at the brim.

The stone that is rouling can gather no mosse, who often remooueth is sure of losse.

Think not thy monie purse bottom to burn, but keepe it for profite, to serue thine owne turn.

At some time to borow, account it no shame.

Rent corn who so paieth…must liue as a slaue.

Once weekelie remember thy charges to cast, once monthlie see how thy expences may last: If quarter declareth too much to be spent, for feare of ill yeere take aduise of thy rent.



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Beth Kobliner

Beth Kobliner

Author of NY Times bestsellers Get a Financial Life and Make Your Kid a Money Genius. Journalist, #finlit nerd & mom.